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Missed our recent smart home webinar with IHS Technology and Seed Labs designed to give you the advice that will help you succeed in the competitive smart home market?

There’s no need to worry – you can listen again here and if you’re short of time we’ve summarised the key take outs from the webinar below.

  • The smart home of today is chaotic. There are lots of manufacturers, products and applications that simply don’t work together even if they’re designed to. It’s too expensive, too complicated and not adaptable.
  • The market has explosive growth potential. According to IHS Technology, the smart home market will grow by 56 percent, compounded annually, in the next three years, with 190 million products shipping by 2018. Energy management, hazard detection and home monitoring solutions will be the most popular and smart lighting looks set to become significant in the future too.
  • Meeting consumer needs is the only way to unlock its potential. Homeowners are seeking the promise of the smart home: systems that are simple to use, plug ‘n’ play and work with many products in their home.
  • Existing solutions aren’t up to scratch. Proprietary and closed solutions are making the smart home expensive, complicated and limiting for consumers.
  • Bluetooth Smart offers an answer. Bluetooth Smart is the ideal wireless technology for the smart home because it offers:
  1. Unrivalled scale and interoperability—the technology is already in the hands of consumers who know and trust it, with 97% of smartphones including Bluetooth Smart because it’s supported by every mobile platform.
  2. Super security—with government-grade, 128-bit data encryption and industry-leading privacy features.
  3. Developer flexibility—custom profiles ensure developers can create whatever device they want and still have it work with the Bluetooth standard.
  4. Cost effectiveness—the cost of Bluetooth Smart chips is low and continuing to come down meaning you can be competitive with the cost of your product
  5. Range is on the roadmap—the Bluetooth Smart Mesh Working Group is working on building the architecture for a standardized mesh networking capability to deliver range and ensure interoperability. As Lee Ratcliff from IHS said: “By adding Bluetooth Smart Mesh, Bluetooth will really be able to address nearly every application in the home.”

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