The answer to the question, how the selfie stick perfected the selfie, is simple really. Check your phone, and there is a possibility you will have a visual confirmation. So many people nowadays are using a smartphone as their primary camera. The reason for that is just as simple a question to answer. It’s readily accessible and most take great pictures. So why the rush to the selfie stick? Have you ever tried taking a selfie? If so, then you know why. If not, then let me give you a written demonstration.

The backdrop is perfect, a stream flowing over huge boulders splashing cascades of pristine water high into the air and creating a rainbow of colors in the mist. Slowly you gain your bearing, adjusting your phone in preparation, then you try and squeeze yourself and 3 friends into the picture. Snap. Again and again you press the camera button. What are the results? Poor at best. If you managed to get all 4 of you into the picture the backdrop is missing. In disgust, you aim and take a separate picture. This goes on all day. Finally it begins to get dark and you call it a day, head home, walk into the living room, sit down on the couch and look over your days collection of photos with your loved one. The beauty of it all is incredible. How I love the beauty of the desert in the wintertime. The water is flowing off the mountaintops, the flowers are all at bloom and the greenery is simply breathtaking. If only we had a good camera, your loved one replies.


“What are you talking about? My phone takes great pictures.” Does it really, though? If you think about it, there is always either someone missing in the photograph (because they are snapping the photo) or the picture doesn’t contain anyone at all. Which is fine, if you enjoy the beauty of nature.

Let’s rewind the day and start over. However, this time let’s bring a selfie stick.

The group meets at the bottom of the hiking trail, a huge pine bristling with morning dew, stands tall just a few feet from the park sign. There is an abundance of flowers showing, reds, purples, yellows, blues, with white pedals and green leaves sprouting above the ground. In the distance the mountaintop appears to dominate the skyline. It tears the blue sky apart, bullying its way to the heavens. Finally, you greet your friends and tell them you want to take a picture. Immediately, someone offers to take the shot, and spreads out their hand in anticipation. To their surprise, you tell them no, that you will take the picture yourself. You see the look on everyone’s face. Its that look, implying that the picture isn’t going to come out well. Everyone knows it, they’ve been down this road before. However, they begin to huddle in preparation, wanting to make you happy.

To their surprise, you open your purse, and pull out this short rod. You field the questions, while attaching it to your phone. You set the timer and extend the stick. This took about 30 seconds. The group readies themselves, smiling happily because for once they are all in the picture without having to ask a stranger for help, then they hear the click and break group.

At the end of the day, the results are fascinating. The pictures you took from your smartphone were outstanding. It’s hard to believe some of the shots you were able to catch. Then again, the pro selfie stick kit makes believers of us all.

The answer is simple really. The selfie stick did much more than perfected the selfie. It improved the quality of the pictures we are able to take from our phones. The proof is readily available. All you have to do, is take a look at the before selfie stick photos and the after photos.

You gotta love how this new gadget has changed the way we look at our memories. The memory dump that occurs every so often when we clean out our phones pictures is definitely going to get a whole lot smaller thanks to the selfie on a stick.




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