We’ve got apps that help us locate our phones when we lose them. With wireless tracker, Phone Halo wants to give you the tools needed to add that ability to everything else in your life.
If you’re anything like me, the wallet and keys are the first thing to go when you walk in the door. On a normal day, the keys have a place and the wallet has a place, but every once in while something doesn’t quite go according to plan. A late night at the bar or a week in an unfamiliar hotel may have put you in a situation where your wallet or keys are now missing. You know they are close, but you’re not positive where they might be. Too much time spent tossing seat cushions and looking under end tables has not yielded results, so you sit on the floor and rack your brain trying to re-trace your steps to remember the location of these missing items. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, when you realized you couldn’t find your wallet you just opened the wireless tracker app on your phone, and the location of your wallet became clear.
The Phone Halo wireless tracker is a small black rectangle with rounded corners and a single hole for a key chain ring to pass through it. The device isn’t much thicker than a quarter, and opens so a pair of watch batteries can be installed inside of it. Once you’ve installed the batteries, the device starts and waits to be paired with your phone. As long as you have a supported Android or Apple phone, you can pair with the little black slab. Those interested in using it in the wallet may find it’s a little too thick for comfort, but it’s light enough to go unnoticed on a key chain.

Once you’ve gotten things connected, the wireless tracker works exactly as you’d expect. As long as your phone is within rage of this Bluetooth device, you’ll be able to ping it. The app will trigger a ringing noise from the device that gradually gets louder. Even at its loudest, however, if the TrackR is buried under blankets, for example, it will be difficult to find what you’re looking for. If you’ve set your TrackR-enabled item somewhere in a more open space, you can use the GPS function to give you a clearer look at what direction your lost item is headed. If you’re ever disconnected from the wireless tracker due to distance, you’re notified on your phone as soon as you are out of range.

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